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 Mission Statement




Titans lacrosse is an Orange County non-profit lacrosse organization dedicated to teaching fundamentals and life skills through good sportsmanship, leadership, positive coaching, and peer and parent communication. As a part of the Lacrosse community for over 8 years, we strive to contribute more by now offering a wide variety of products that serves both beginners and elite athletes to best serve our young student athletes. Playing multiple sports is crucial for young student athletes as they are continuously pushed, that is why we designed a healthy DROP-IN model for all players looking to play more lacrosse.

It is our goal to provide an option for any lacrosse player looking to play. We encourage multiple different paths in a healthy and safe environment. We emphasize the importance of respect for teammates, opponents, coaches and officials. We not only strive to teach game skills, but life skills, as well as building lasting relationships with good friends. We want every player’s experience to lead them back to play year-after-year the Titans lacrosse program.




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